Our Perfect Pets

Meet one of my pets:


My family really doesn’t own pets in the traditional sense. My daughter’s allergies and asthma prevent us from keeping the furry kind around and I neglected the last two fish we owned. We did have a puppy a few years ago named Dexter (not named after the TV show), but we only kept him for a few weeks. Dexter was the one who helped us discover that my daughter had asthma to begin with, so we had to take him back to the pound.

Despite being somewhat challenged in the pet department, we do have a couple pets of another sort around our house: 2 dwarf Meyer lemon trees that were gifts from my parents. They really are the perfect pets – no messes, no begging, no litter boxes, and (best of all) fewer allergies (except when they start flowering!).  And they produce delicious Meyer lemons that beat store bought ones any day! Granted, it is a little hard to cuddle with a lemon tree, but you can’t really cuddle a goldfish either! My husband loves big dogs, so maybe one day when my daughter gets a little older we will get one. But for now, I love my lemon trees!

Do any of you have dwarf citrus trees? I can always use lemon tree advice!

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