Healthy (and Quick!) Potato Chips

Got a craving for something crunchy and savory? Don’t reach for a bag of Lay’s potato chips – make up some of your own chips that are fat-free! These chips can be whipped up less than 10 minutes from start to finish, and best of all you can season these any way you want. Can’t beat that!

If I am around town, I love buying the Kettle Brand Baked potato chips, which are whole potatoes and not made from pureed potatoes like Baked Lay’s. Kettle Baked chips can be a bit pricey, though, so I don’t buy them often. If these are something you like, you can save quite a bit of money by making these baked potato chips yourself. I would love to try this recipe using sweet potatoes some time…

Healthy Potato Chips

Healthy “Baked” Potato Chips

1 russet potato, cleaned and unpeeled

Seasonings of choice

Parchment paper

  1. Using a mandoline slicer, slice the potato into thin pieces, about 1/16 inch thick. Line a microwaveable plate with parchment paper. Arrange the potato pieces on the plate so they are not touching each other. Sprinkle any seasonings you like on the potatoes.
  2. Microwave the potato slices on high for 5-6 minutes or until the slices are lightly browned and crisp. Enjoy!

If you feel like making a larger batch of chips without over-using your microwave, you can bake these on a parchment line cookie sheet at 400 degrees F until crisp, 12-30 minutes.

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