At-Home Workout Routine

Lately I have hit a rut and have been a bit stagnant in my fitness routine. I am having a hard time staying motivated! Luckily, I teach group fitness classes (Zumba!) and this keeps me in the gym most days of the week, but I still haven’t felt very motivated to keep pressing forward with my fitness level. I realized this morning that I can’t stand aside and wait for motivation to hit me one day, I need to actually work to motivate myself. Sometimes work seems like a dirty 4-letter word when it comes to fitness, but really, there is no other way to achieve your long-term goals. You can just choose to make the work more fun.

I am generally not an at-home workout person, although I used to do workout videos all the time. It is hard to get motivated to work out at home when there are so many distractions and few choices for space/equipment. But, today I decided that I needed to renew my love of fitness and workout, whether I could make it to the gym or not. I threw together this total-body workout that I did when I woke up this morning.

At-Home Workout Routine (12/31/11)

This took me 40 minutes to complete from start to finish, and my heart rate monitor calculated that I burned about 240 calories.

Rest 1 minute between each portion of the workout. In place of Tabatas, you can do the same exercises with some weights and perform 10 reps each exercise and repeat 2 X.

This workout can be modified to fit your body. If you have joint problems or are just starting out, skip the jumping squats/lunges and make them regular squats and lunges. This workout hits all of your major muscle groups and raises your heart rate while toning your muscles, metabolic training at its best.

Tabatas are an intense and quick interval workout. A typical Tabata bout or round looks like this:

Exercise “X” – 20 seconds

Rest – 10 Seconds

Repeat a total of 8 X’s for 4 minutes

Rest 1 minute between Tabata rounds

Tabatas can be done anywhere and with any exercise, such as sprints, swimming, biking, push-ups… anything. It helps to have an interval timer. Workout Muse has music set with Tabata cues so you can just push play and focus on your workout (which is my favorite way to do Tabatas).

Benefits of Home Workouts:

  • No gym fees
  • No gym germs (staph anyone?)
  • No need for childcare
  • Convenient
  • No gawkers (well, except for your kids…but that’s not a bad thing! Good habits to share with your family)
  • Virtually no equipment required

That being said, I still love to work out at the gym (hey, I work there!) but the gym is not a feasible option for everyone.

If you try this out, let me know!

2 thoughts on “At-Home Workout Routine

  1. Hi Sarah Jane,
    I love, love, love workouts like this. Even my 20 mth old tries to get down and do Burpees with me. I love that I can teach her to be fit and healthy from the get go. Wish I would have known that.

    Thanks for sharing your workout!

    Paula @ Whole Intentions

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