Las Vegas Views: Food!

This past week there were no new posts because my husband and I were on vacation in Las Vegas! This was our first time to visit Vegas, so we ended up with 200+ photos. Over the next couple days, I will post some of my favorite photos from our trip to Vegas.

This post will be food related photos from Vegas. We had decided from the beginning that we would spend most of our money on good food rather than shows or shopping (we both love to eat and we love trying new foods!). We actually hit several chocolate shops and loved every minute!  : ) Here is a short tour of Vegas through food; enjoy!

Huge Chocolate cupcake Zach and I shared

Mini cupcakes


Sugar Factory

Sugar Factory

Lunch at Sushi Roku - Sushi is one of our favorite foods!

My first meal in Vegas - huge salad!

Chocolate Shop at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory


Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Vosges Chocolate - this was incredible chocolate! Wished I had photos of the Vosges chocolate shop

M&M World

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