New Adventures and a Healthy Treat!

Chocolate Nut-Butter Protein Balls from Fit Betty

Life is made up of milestones, big and small, that mark our journey. I have embarked on a new adventure (or two!), a couple new chapters have started in my life.

One of them is that as of  last Wednesday, I am a officially an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer (cPT)! This has been a dream of mine for 5 + years and something I have been working on for the last 5 months, so this is an exciting step and a little scary, too!

My second adventure is that I am moving into the realm of self-hosted blogging. This is a big deal for me – a newbie when it comes to computer stuff. I really want to move The Fit Cookie to a self-hosted format, but I wanted to dip my toe in the water first. You know, in case I tried to move my blog and lost it somewhere in the vast space of the internet. So, I decided to start another blog dedicated to fitness and nutrition (and a little workout fashion thrown in): Fit Betty. I moved some of my fitness and nutrition related content over to Fit Betty! Eventually I will move The Fit Cookie to self-hosted format, but that will happen at a later date.

Without further ado, I will introduce Fit Betty by sharing a recipe for Chocolate Nut-Butter Protein Balls. These are fantastic little treats that I adapted from the Chockolawtay blog. Take a look at the recipe and Enjoy!

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