Erewhon Cereal Review and Saucy Plum Crisp Recipe

This past week I had the great opportunity to try some cereals from the Attune Foods gluten-free Erewhon product line. This was my first time to try some of the Erewhon cereals and I was excited to explore something new, especially the Strawberry Crisp cereal. My entire family really enjoyed the cereals, and I was impressed with the natural and allergy-friendly philosophy of Attune Foods:

-NO artificial additives, preservatives, flavors, or colors
-NO refined flours, sugars, or oils
-All cereals are made of Non-GMO ingredients
-Many ingredients are organic whenever possible
-All cereals are free of dairy, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts

Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice Cereal with Mixed Berries

Not only are the Attune Foods cereals free of 4 of the most common food allergens (and quite tasty), they are also produced in a dedicated peanut-, tree nut-, egg-, and dairy-free facility, so you can still be confidant that your cereal will be safe for people with even severe food allergies. Bonus for you eco-conscious individuals:  Attune cereal boxes are made of recycled materials and there are craft projects and coupons printed inside! Can’t wait to use the one for a free Attune Probiotic Chocolate bar  : )

If you have food allergies, or are just concerned with what you eat, the Attune Foods Erewhon cereals are a sensible option for the entire family. While I advocate eating fewer packaged foods, I love Attune’s health and manufacturing philosophies. Plus, it is nice to have healthy cereals on hand for recipes, snacks, and quick breakfasts.

I love using crispy brown rice in recipes, so I whipped up this quick Saucy Plum Crisp using Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice Cereal with Mixed Berries. Enjoy!

Saucy Plum Crisp
Serves 2-3
Gluten-Free, Vegetarian; Free of: Dairy, eggs, soy, cane sugar

1-1/2 cups chopped plums, very ripe (@ 8 small plums)
3-5 Tablespoons Truvia or Stevia in the Raw, to taste*
2 Tablespoons brown rice flour
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
3 Tablespoons coconut cream
6 Tablespoons Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice Cereal with Mixed Berries

  1. Cut up plums and place in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium heat, then reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes or so until the plums have cooked down into a chunky sauce. This shouldn’t take very long if the plums are quite ripe.
  2. Add the brown rice flour, the Truvia, the cinnamon, and the vanilla to the plums and stir well. Allow to sit for @ 5 minutes to cool a bit and thicken, stirring occasionally.
  3. Scoop warm plum sauce into 2-3 dishes and top with 2 Tablespoons crispy rice cereal and 1 Tablespoon coconut cream. Enjoy!

* The amount of sweetener you add will depend largely on how tart the plums are and how sweet you want your sauce

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