Honey-Crisp Sandwich Cookies

Because of my baking blunders, today there are 2 posts with 2 different desserts from essentially the same foundation recipe. The earlier post was Chocolate Chip Blondies, and now this post features Honey-Crisp Sandwich Cookies. In my quest today for … Continue reading

Chicken Asparagus Roulade with Creamy Tomato Sauce

This Chicken Asparagus Roulade is a beautiful (and healthy!) dish that doesn’t take a ton of time to make.This recipe is fun to experiment with! If you don’t like asparagus, other stuffing ideas include spinach, bacon, goat cheese, olive tapenade, … Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

Here is a fantastic recipe for cookie dough cravings (admit it – we all have them!) that is healthier and allergy-friendly. This recipe is adapted from a recipe on the Frisky Lemon blog. Depending on the ingredients you choose, these … Continue reading